Top 4 Advantages of Philippines Offshoring

Published: 19th August 2010
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Outsourcing is undeniably the trend nowadays in business transactions. And why wouldn't it be when the companies in developed nations can cut huge costs and concentrate on their core businesses by outsourcing their back office jobs? One kind of outsourcing, which is offshore outsourcing is the practice of hiring organizations or employees to perform company tasks overseas. And one of the favorite offshore outsourcing locations is the Philippines. Philippine offshoring has created a friendly image on the service industry. Having the geographical advantage as a melting pot between the east and west, Philippines offers lot of reasons why your businesses are in good hands.

If you are still wondering why international companies choose Philippines as an offshore country, here's why:

Cost-effective. Offshore outsourcing in the Philippines gives foreign companies reasonable cost-cutting strategies. The average starting pay of a Filipino is only 250 dollars, which means that labor costs in the country are one-fifths lower than those in the U.S and Europe. Philippines also offers affordable human resources, office spaces and a low cost of living. Philippines offshoring charges less compared to other countries like India.

Educated people. Philippines prides itself to have a high literacy rate, the highest in Asia as a matter of fact with an outstanding 94%. Filipinos are also known to be good English speakers and writers. In fact, some neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea go to Philippines for English tutorials. Thus, language definitely seems to be an edge among Filipinos.

Quality work. Philippines is a basket of highly skilled and trained workers. It also has competitive IT workers and infrastructure, making it a favorite destination among outsourcing companies. In addition, Filipinos are known to be excellent service providers. Filipinos are scattered around the globe and have never failed to impress the service industry; from nurses, construction workers, and now, even to online world, Filipinos still manage to compete in the global workforce. Jobs like call center agents, medical transcriptionists, finance and logistics management, content writers, webmasters, SEO, etc., are among the services Filipinos offer with satisfaction. Indeed, Philippines has a large pool of manpower that excels inevitably.

Adaptive to cultural differences. Flexibility is one characteristic of Filipinos that are worth commending for. Hence, in terms of cultural differences among clients, they can easily adapt to them which makes them as ideal employees for foreigners. This characteristic is because of the fact that Philippines had been colonized by foreign countries like Spain and the USA, thus, giving Filipinos the better understanding and appreciation of their culture, traditions and attitudes.

With the reasons stated above, it is of no doubt why Philippines, in the midst of global recession, has managed its way to be a top choice among offshore outsourcing companies. Philippines Offshoring has tremendously helped Filipinos in their battle against unemployment and recession. With the aid of technology, the Philippine Offshoring industry is set to reach greater heights in the global market, making the Filipinos one of the most competitive and productive workforce in the land.

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